About Us

SRM a name synonymous with quality is a fact well known among the people of Tamil Nadu and beyond. Beginning their humble journey from an educational institute, the SRM group has achieved stupendous success in diverse fields including hospitals, transport, power & energy, hotels, technology among others, and have become an inevitable powerhouse with a reputation of being a brand name that spells quality and trust.

After etching the walls of history with their triumph in all major fields, SRM group has cemented its presence in the entertainment sector through Vendhar TV, a 24/7 GEC channel

Staying true to our motto, There is a bit of everything for everybody, Vendhar TV has taken extreme measures to cater to all age-groups and gender markets resulting in programs that are both, enthralling and entertaining.

Our bouquet of programmes range from daily serials with a touch of nativity and innovative storylines in the form of family drama and horror, devotional programs, celebrity game shows abundant with loads of humour and glitz, hard hitting talk show hosted by our very own actor/director K. Bakyaraj, a breezy celebrity talk show hosted by Kushbu, a unique reality game show involving twins, and many more exciting shows to keep you engaged and make your viewing a unique experience.

Vendhar TV. Entertainment. Guaranteed.

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